Saturday, February 7, 2015

Back on track

It didn't take long to snip of round 7 of Jan Stawasz's Masterpiece Doily, only about 10 minutes.

I managed four pattern repeats before running out of thread. Rather than refill my shuttle...

I switched over to Renulek's tat-along. Even though I used picot gauges, I think my picots all look the same size. I guess I'll be able to tell if it makes a difference on the next round!

I also managed to finish Jane's TIAS. Aren't those scissors adorable?

These button flowers are so much fun to make, and now I can complete one in about eight minutes. The kids at school really like them. On Friday, one of the boys asked if he could buy one for his mom for Valentine's Day. How cute!

Friday was the 100th day of school. Students and staff were invited to dress up as 100-year-olds. I had no intention of doing that. I just don't get in to dressing up. I must have been focused on what to do with round 7 of the Jan Stawasz doily, because when I got to school I discovered that I had put two different shoes in my tote! Luckily I packed one right shoe and one left shoe, and the kids thought I was just participating in the fun! ;-)


  1. 10 minutes to undo what took hours, but you'll be happier that it looks right now. The new doily looks good, I like those colors. I'm about to go finish the TIAS myself, we've been to busy today until right now. I had a good laugh at your dressing as a 100-year-old - even if it was by mistake! :-)

  2. Your doilies are looking great!! :)
    Nice tatted scissors!! :)
    Fun flowers!! :) might just fit in with 2 different shoes because my girls were always wearing 2 different socks when they were teens, and then about a year ago I noticed they were selling socks with two different socks as pairs. :)

  3. Deine Deckchen gefallen mir sehr gut. Leider muss beim Occhi ab und zu die Schere zum Einsatz kommen. Die Occhi - Schere ist ein ganz tolles Motiv und
    die kleinen Occhiarbeiten, mit den Knöpfen sind hübsch.


  4. Dear LALOLI, can't people ; who already made the monster doily, write down where the difficulties are and what to do about it, instead of writing: I've see that movie?
    They would, in this way help other tatters to ENJOY their masterpiece!!!!!!

  5. Tally Tatty, there are corrections on Craftree, and I've been looking at them over and over again. Somehow, I just misread the corrections. I have received tips from others who have tatted this beautiful masterpiece. I think I'm just not giving it the concentration necessary for success! I can be stubborn, and I will finish this beauty no matter how long it takes!

  6. Ha ha love your shoes just like an old lady well done on dressing up fir the day no one would have even thought of it even if you did by mistake.
    Gosh ten mins to snip away hours of work, but if you get to coerce you should be more pleased with it.
    Your renuleks mat looks lovely
    Love your button flowers how nice of a boy wanting to buy one for his mum lovely thought

  7. OMGee your shoes are too funny! I love those little tatted scissors. Very sweet of the little boy to ask to buy a button flower for his mom. Cutting your tatting is making me cringe...but then of course I don't tat...yet. Creative Bliss Dear...

  8. Oh I remember the first time I had to cut, I felt so much better after. I recall a few years ago when one of the executives came to the office with one burgundy shoe and one brown. I was the only one who noticed.

  9. Pretty little Renulek! I have the Masterpiece and the Renulek and 2 other doilies going at once myself. Plus the scissors. Crazy!


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