Sunday, February 1, 2015

What's wrong with this picture?

Do you see the post just a little to the right of center? It's supposed to have a mailbox on it! Luckily, Dave found the mailbox in the ditch and was able to reassemble it. We had about 10" of snow today, and the wind is blowing right now. School has been cancelled for tomorrow, so it looks like I'll have little extra tatting time!

With all the white outside, I decided I needed a splash of color. So, I started another doily, Renulek's latest tat-along. I've decided to tat each round in a different thread, and rather than agonize over thread choice, I'm using one of the new thread collections from Handy Hands. The threads aren't new, just the idea of packaging five balls of coordinating threads in the same box. I can hardly wait to see how this turns out!

I did a little experimenting with wavy patterns on my loom today. I haven't decided if I'll leave the spaces open or do a little tapestry weaving the fill in the spaces.

I did manage to get some more pattern repeats tatted today. I'm sure I could have finished several more if I hadn't had to stop to fill my shuttles!


  1. Good save locating the mailbox. Wonderful weaving and tatting. it is very convenient ordering the fiber pks!

    enjoy your day off

  2. Wow, lot of snow. Do you usually have days off school during the winter or is this an exceptional winter? I quite like choosing colours for each round, but it makes sense to have a related palette.

  3. Wo that's a lot of snow, glad you could find your postbox, look forward to seeing how the colours work out for the new doily, I have not deceided what colour to do yet.
    The scarf looks an interesting pattern.

  4. I can relate to the snow situation, and you just reminded me to go check my mom's mailbox today(when possible), thanks! :)
    Can't wait to see the beautiful doily emerge in those fabulous colors!!! :)
    Love the waves!!! :)
    I was working on a doily I need to finished and came to a stop when needing to refill my shuttle also! :)

  5. I anticipated your report of snow, as the news said your area is experiencing an 'historic' blizzard - which I found surprising as you have had big snow events in the past.

    Glad you found your mailbox and that you're safe and warm. I'm sure you'll put your day(s) off to good use. I didn't know HH was putting together 'thread packs', which is a great i1dea!

    Still impressed with your Saori loom and the effects you get. Are you still working with the original warp thread? You have certainly made a lot of items with it! Also impressed with your progress on the doily!

  6. Kathy, Dave said we had between 12 and 14 inches, which is a lot, but we've seen much worse! I was kind of surprised that they called school off today until Dave went out to clear the driveway this morning. It took him almost two hours! The wind did not kick up to blizzard proportions, but it was enough to slow things down.

    No, I am not still working with the original warp thread. The starter warp was their shorter offering. This is my second long warp 150 threads by 30 meters. I do get a log from one warp!


  7. Lovely crisp, whithe snow and nice assorted blues!!
    Yes, it was a good idea by HH to sell assorted balls. I am not a color champion either!

  8. We lost our mailbox many times until DH put it on a swivel base. Glad yours was found. Looking forward to seeing that blue doily come to life.


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