Monday, February 2, 2015

Making the most of the day

I think I could get used to four day work weeks. I have so much more time to do the things I love!

I started the day by tatting the next installment of Jane's TIAS. I think I made a mistake on the very first ring, but I'm hoping it will be all right in the end.

I finished the second round of Renulek's current doily tat-along.

One of the teachers at school asked if I could make some crocheted button flowers for her. She wants to make hair clips for her daughter. I think they turned out really cute!

After a little weaving, a little ironing, and cleaning up the kitchen, I took time to work on the Jan Stawasz doily. My goal is to finish this round by the end of the week. I think I'll make it!

Today's cowl is in Bernat Baby Blanket "Pitter Patter." This yarn is so soft. Maybe I'll make one for myself!


  1. Lovely day of having fun. Every thing you are creating is fabulous. Love the cowl in those baby soft colors. I adore those crocheted button flowers. I keep meaning to crochet some just because. Creative Bliss Dear...

  2. Gorgeous button flowers,
    Lovely cowl looks lovely and soft
    I am sure you will finish the round on the mat by mid week,
    I like your Renulks doily, they blend very well together.
    Are you back in school together or another day off for snow

  3. So schöne Arbeiten! Sie sind sehr fleissig!
    Lieben Gruss Conny

  4. I do wonder how you find time to go to work!

  5. Wow I think you get more done than when you are out of school, everything looks great Diane,boy I got catching up to do!

  6. You are an amazing one-woman production team! I'm so envious! Beautiful works BTW

  7. You accomplished so much on your snow day!

  8. You have WIP ADD like me! I like the colors in the Renulek!


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