Saturday, February 21, 2015

Custom shuttles

One of my second grade students came to me on Friday and asked me if I could decorate her tatting shuttles using a napkin from her birthday party. How could I refuse?

Luckily, the pictures on the napkin were strategically placed for tatting shuttles.

Jaden had three shuttles, and there are five band members... one face for each side and the I ❤ 1D.

She knew the whole head would not be showing, but she trusted me to do the best I could. I think they turned out great. I hope Jaden likes them!

I tend to spend all day when I decorate tatting shuttles, probably because I get distracted with my tatting and forget to get back to the decoupaging. Since I've had some special requests for my crocheted button flowers, I decided to work on one button between each layer of Mod Podge.

I finished quite a few, and I sewed some on to some more headbands. Even though I didn't get any tatting done, I did have a very productive day!


  1. Nice job on the shuttles. I'm sure she'll love them. And nice job on the buttons.

  2. That is very cute idea and makes me smile the buttons there are more of them!

  3. Very special shuttles! You have a veritable garden of flowers now. They seem to have a sheen in these photos, is that right?

  4. Shuttles turned out beautiful. I am sure she will treasure them. Buttons are cute.

  5. Looks you have accomplished a lot and I love those decoupaged shuttles.

  6. She is going to love the shuttles--good jobs. Your buttons are adorable!

  7. Those shuttles will be cherished, i'm sure. Another productive button day, too!

  8. What a treasure, shuttle friends(literally)!! :)
    More great flowers and headbands!!! :)

  9. ONE DIRECTION! Oh you will be loved forever!

    And cute headbands and clips you've been making.


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