Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dedicated to my 3rd graders

This post is dedicated to my third graders, especially those who read my blog! I love working with all of you, and I am thrilled that you enjoy reading what I write!

I took Renulek's Spring Doily to school today and showed some of the kids how to tat the flowers and join them to the doily. Several of them commented on how much they like the colors in this doily. I like them, too!

I managed a few more pattern repeats on Jan Stawasz's Masterpiece while catching up on Downton Abbey before school. I really like the way this looks... lacy and substantial at the same time.

A friend asked if I could knit a super bulky throw for her. This is about 2 hours worth of work. I find it very difficult to work with size 36 needles and two strands of super bulky held together. I'm pretty sure this will be a one time deal. The yarn is super soft (Bernat Baby Blanket). I think it will be very nice when it's finished, just not my cup of tea!


  1. I love that color too it was one of my first colors I purchased from handy hands and the JS doily looks like great progress too! I also never watch downton abbey till later in week my husband and son think it is corny :(

  2. Your doilies are so beautiful!!! :) I can't wait to see the finished project of both!!! :)
    Wow!!!!! That throw is going to be super plushy!!!! That is the same yarn my daughter is making my blanket out of and it's plushy with just one strand. I bet your friend will be super warm in hers!!! :)

  3. Such a contrast between the delicate tatting and the bulky knitting. Though each has its place of course. I laughed at Carollyn's comment because I've given up on Downton Abbey after my husband made too many rude remarks!

  4. I watch Downton Abbey after Dave leaves for work. It's much easier on both of us! ;-)


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