Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Day 12

My Internet access has been spotty for the last couple of days, probably because of the weather, so I wasn't able to access Day 12 of Jane's TIAS until after school today. I think Jane must have been reading about my snipping adventures with the Jan Stawasz doily!

Speaking of the doily... I think I'll take a break from it today. It's time to reload the shuttles, and by the time I cook dinner and wind thread, I think I'll be ready to call it quits for today. After all, tomorrow is another day!


  1. I totally messed up mine and love the whole scissors idea it was a good one I am so far behind I will do mine another day.

  2. I love the TIAS and you deserve a night off. I have taken a few nights off that doily myself.

  3. I have spent the day trying to find the stitch count for the chains on row 7 and 8. Can you help me find them?

    1. For row 7 of the Jan Stawasz Masterpiece I used the stitch count of 4-6-6. For row 8 I used 5-9-9. Hope this helps!


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