Thursday, February 19, 2015

I did it!

There was no school today because of the extreme cold, so...

I finally finished round 7 correctly! I'm very excited!

I also spent time playing with buttons.

Lots of buttons!

And now I have some cute headbands to share with little girls.

I hope we'll be back in school tomorrow, but I sure did have fun today!


  1. Your doily looks awesome as I knew it would!! :)
    And those headbands are so sweet!!! :)

  2. Wonderful you will love the next round it seems to go easier and just don't forget to join the little rings I skip them once in a while for some reason. Love your other items just beautiful!

  3. Das Deckchen ist super schön! Die Knöpfe sehen fröhlich aus, sie sind so farbenfroh und die Stirnbänder sind hübsch, da werden sich einige Mädchen sehr freuen.
    Lieben Gruss von Cornelia

  4. Hooray! Well done. The headbands are really cute.

  5. Sometimes 'extreme cold' does have its advantages, lucky you being able to craft away! Doily looking grand and such pretty headbands - wow that rhymes!

  6. Well done, looks gorgeous, beautiful buttons, you have had a great day hope the cold weather ends soon.
    Keep warm

  7. Your doily is beautiful! I can't believe you are working on TWO, AND getting all these other projects done too. (One snow day would not be enough for me!) Those headbands are darling.

    I'm sick of winter now - but at least it's not as bad as last year here. That's what I keep telling myself ...

  8. Maravilloso tapete es una belleza. Lindo juego con los botones.Besos.

  9. Round 7 and all the rounds look fantastic!!! Looks like the buttons were fun to make and they look super on the headbands.

  10. Fabulous results from your snow/cold day off school! You sure accomplished a lot. The buttons look great on the headbands, and that doily--wow!


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