Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Snow day tatting

We had a snow day today, which was very odd since the weather has been so warm lately. I'm really hoping that the plows can clear the road tonight. It's pretty nasty out there!

The upside is that I had some extra tatting time today!

I finished the second round of my Concentric Rectangles doily. The pattern is really easy to follow. I did make a few mistakes that I had to fix, but that was probably because I was watching t.v. while I was tatting. :-)

This evening I finished my newest Spinning Wheel glass mat. This one is in size 20 Lizbeth, Antique Violet Med. #640. It's time to reload my shuttles!


  1. Wow!! That doily is looking fabulous!!! :)
    And another fantastic glass mat!!! :)

  2. Diane, you must know exactly how much thread one of the spinning wheels take. I've now put this on my want to tat list. BRAVO

    1. I like to wind two shuttles CTM, and I try to get about 15 yards on each shuttle. I just stretch out my arms to measure the thread, so I'm not sure how much I'm actually winding! I usually have a little left on one shuttle, and probably about 5 yards on the other. However, every once in a while I have to use the shoelace trick in order to have enough to finish. That's why I like to fill both shuttles with 15 yards. I like using the large Clover shuttles for this pattern.

  3. Both are pretty! I like the bookmark and especially that you used two colors! Well done!

  4. Great negative spaces between the rounds, your doily is looking good! Antique violet is pretty.

  5. Wow! That second row on the concentric rectangles really makes everything pop! Gorgeous! This is definitely a tablecloth!

  6. I was surprised that you had such a bad storm! We have had milder weather with some cold spells but have avoided snow accumulation, which is fine with me! However, I remind myself that one of our worst snowstorms ever, occurred in March 1993. Can't relax yet.

    I can't keep up with all your projects! You really take advantage of your 'free time'! I think the handkerchief is lovely as is! The rings worked out perfectly around the edges and corners. (Did you plan that?) I think it would be tricky to make it wider, and it looks just right to me.

    I have never seen the Concentric Rectangle pattern before, and it would be an interesting project to work on. It really could become a tablecloth! The colors make it 'pop'!

    The spinning mats are a great way to experiment with different threads, and are a useful item, too!

  7. Wonderful tatting, you are lucky having the time to tat. As Jane says the negative spaces really make that doily stand out.

  8. The snow was a good excuse to stay and tat, I am interested in your new pattern, I looked at the pattern which only part came up on my iPad but it looked hard perhaps it's because I only saw part of it.
    I like your new spinning wheel mat, how many dies that make this month
    Hope you manage to get another day at home to tat

  9. Love the rectangle doily especially this second round is wonderful to see and another spinning wheel you should put them in a book to show all the colors from the makers, It would be very impressive to see !


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