Friday, February 26, 2016

Starting round 4

I knew that I wanted round 4 of my Concentric Rectangles doily to be in Lizbeth Wedgewood DK, so my shuttles were already wound and ready to go. This pattern is so easy to tat, and I love the way it looks! I haven't decided yet if the final round will be in the Leaf Green Lt or the Antique Violet Med. I know which one I'm leaning toward today. Which one would you choose?

My newest Spinning Wheel glass mat is in size 20 Lizbeth, Vineyard Harvest #131. I think I'm going to love this one!


  1. Thanks for the link to the pattern. I like your multicolour version. I'd say leaf green, but it depends on how many rounds you're going to do.

  2. I'd go with leaf green too. I'm enjoying the progress of your doily & the colours have made it even more interesting

  3. I like the rectangular doily you are making. Patterns like that don't normally appeal to me, but there is something very elegant about this one. Maybe it's the clean lines and simplicity of the pattern. Can't wait to see it completed!

  4. Your doily is looking fabulous!!! :)
    Oh, that spinning wheel glass mat looks like it is going to shine!! :)

  5. Gosh that mat up tatting up fast, I am not sure what colour I would tat the next row.
    Oh I like the latest spinning wheel mat, love that colourway


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