Monday, February 29, 2016

February tatting

First, let me thank all of you who responded to my request for help. I really appreciate your input, and I will share your responses with Etta. If anyone else has something to add, please feel free to let me know!

Today I finished round 4 of my Concentric Rectangles doily. I really like this pattern, and my shuttles are wound and ready for the final round!

I apologize for the dark pictures. I turned on every light in the living room, and this is what I got! I'm very please with what I accomplished in February. I'm not sure I can keep up the pace in March, but I'm sure going to give it the old college try!


  1. Your doily is outstanding already!!! :)
    And you sure have been busy!!! :)

  2. Doily is very beautiful! I like the colors.

  3. Wonderful doily et al !!!
    I like the idea of displaying a month's tatting together .... can I borrow it some time ?

    1. Haha! Of course! I know I'm not the first to display a group of tatting projects. I'm really posting what I've done in a month to keep myself motivated!

  4. Lovely doily, certainly tatted up fast, of course the snow helped
    Wonderful display of tatting you amaze me how much you go done in such a short month. Can I borrow it sometimes as I am sure I never get that much done any month these days

  5. So much tatting done! It all looks wonderful.


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