Friday, February 12, 2016

Having fun

Yes, I did get some housework done today and I did finish all the laundry, so I did not feel at all guilty about the time I took out for tatting!

I'm very happy to be halfway around the outside edge of my Primrose Path doily. With any luck, I'll finish it this weekend.

Part of my success with my Spinning Wheel goal is that I reload my shuttles as soon as I finish one. I'm always prepared with carry-along tatting!

I didn't go anywhere today, but I did take the time to start another Spinning Wheel. This one is in size 20 Lizbeth Twirlz, Midnight Mist #407. It reminds me of charcoal sketches. I think I must have received this color as a gift, as it doesn't seem like a color I would normally be drawn to. I do like the way it looks!


  1. Wow!!! You are getting quite a bit of tatting done too!! Love that doily more and more!! :)
    And another fabulous glass mat and I can say that early cuz' I know what a wonderful job you do on them!!! :)

  2. Your primrose pay is so pretty! How much thread on each shuttle for a spinning wheel?

    1. I try to wind 15 yards on each shuttle. I don't measure accurately, just stretch my arms out. I use the large Clover shuttles and really fill them!

    2. Okay- I'm tempted. I'm going to issue an invitation to all and sundry to do one this week!

  3. Your primrose path is really pretty!

  4. I love the color of the Midnight Mist.


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