Sunday, February 21, 2016

What next?

I finished the ring and chain edging on my hanky, but I feel it needs more. From the beginning, I intended that there would be a second round, however, I haven't found a pattern that catches my eye for the second round. Do you have any ideas, or should I leave it as it is?

We went to visit friends today, so I finished a little more tatting on my latest Spinning Wheel while we Dave was driving. I do like the color of this one!


  1. I think I might leave the hanky as it is, just add a chain that goes from the middle to middle of the last row chains, with picots every 2 double stitches.
    I like the green in the spinning wheel mat it's the same green I am using on my land of laces doily

  2. Lots of progress!!
    I think chains would be a great idea as Margaret said, but my thought was to follow the chains in the first row so that it's a double chain row, and if you are adventurous you could add some green beads to match the hanky and add a touch of sparkle. :) Just a thought.

  3. Good ideas there, though you could happily leave it as it is.


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