Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ta da!

Yes... they are done! The panel on the right is still a little damp, but I think I read somewhere that lace curtains should be hung when they're a little damp... or I could be making it up! I suppose they're a little sheer for bathroom curtains, but our bathroom window overlooks our back porch, we live in the country, and soon it will be just the two of us living here, so I guess it really doesn't matter! If Dave thinks they're too sheer, maybe I'll line them with batiste.

I am so excited to have finished a project that I started 14 years ago! I used size 10 Cebelia with a size 7 hook... I love Janel B's hooks on eBay! The pattern is from an old Magic Crochet, which is safely tucked away somewhere, so I can't tell you which issue. This cottage curtain was named "Clear Day" and was designed by Yolande Maplat. I know all this because I usually make copies of the patterns I'm working on so that my books stay nice. My gauge is totally different from the pattern, and I used the wrong size thread, but I love the finished product!

I'm inspired! Maybe I should dig out another unfinished project!

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