Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas bookmarks

I came to the sad realization yesterday that I do not have enough time to tat bookmarks for everyone on my Christmas list. So, I pulled out my 2x6" Weave-ette and got to work!

The bookmark at the top is really a pretty red, Cherry Red - Red Heart Sport. The next two are Clown #1720 sock yarn by Marks & Kattens. Next is Patons Grace - Spearmint, a 100% mercerized cotton. I wonder how it would tat? The bottom is a Christmas yarn that my friend Denise had on hand. It's a worsted weight and looks nice when finished, but it's a little thick for a bookmark. The bookmark on the right is some Lion Brand Baby Soft that I had wound on the loom and then forgot about.

If I have time, I'll tat little motifs to sew onto these.


  1. I know what you mean! I'm in a crunch for time tooo!!!!!! PLus I was intending to make cards =(.

    Good luck with your bookmarks!

  2. Very pretty. You have been busy! Maybe you will have time to put a little daisy or something on each one. Good work.

  3. These are so fun - I like all the colors. I'm sure people will like them, whether you decide to put a tat on them, or not.

  4. Your bookmarks look wonderful Diane! I know that I love mine!

  5. Hi, I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed spending time reading your blog this evening. You have alot of beautiful work showing on your blog. It is kinda funny finding blogs that you just didn't know were out there in Tattingland.


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