Saturday, December 8, 2007

Thank you, Jeff!

First, a big thank you to Jeff, who was able to identify the little angel I tatted last summer! The pattern is Tatted Angel by Lenore English. After comparing my angel to Lenore's I can see improvements that I want to make in my tatting. I've come a long way since I made this darling little angel over the summer! Thank you for the pattern Lenore!

I met my goal of making as many woven bookmarks as possible from one 3.5 oz. skein of Read Heart Carefree Cotton on my 2"x6" Weave-ette. I was able to make 29 in the past week! I probably could have squeezed #30 out of the skein if it hadn't been for two knots I had to cut out. I didn't want to mess with extra ends, so I just took the yarn off the loom and started over. I need 9 more, but I'll probably use some Red Heart Sport that I have on hand rather than going out and buying more cotton... we're expecting sleet today.

The bookmarks still need to be blocked... I know! I know! I said I wouldn't post a picture without blocking first, but I wanted to post, and these will take a while to dry. I found two tiny snowflake patterns in Vida Sunderman's Tatted Snowflakes. I'm not quite ready to tat most of the snowflakes in this book, but at least I've started! The snowflake on the right is "Simple Snowflake" on page 32. The one in the middle is "Sparkling Snowflake" on page 17. The one on the left is my own doodle. I was trying to remember the pattern for the middle snowflake at lunchtime the other day... I'd left my book at home. Not bad for a doodle, but I like Vida's "Sparkling Snowflake" better.

I have less than two weeks to finish these! I'd better get tatting!


  1. I'm so glad Jeff was able to identify the angel for you. The bookmarks look great! It is wonderful to see you happily working!

  2. Thank you, Laura! So you're an early riser also!

  3. Birds of a feather..... Yes, I am. I find I do much better if I keep the same schedule every day. If I sleep in or change my morning routine, it messes up the whole day. Not to mention all the time wasted not doing something rewarding!

  4. Your welcome Diane. I have made that angel many times, so the moment I saw it, I knew who designed it.

    Your bookmarks are looking good. I need to try weaving now.



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