Monday, December 10, 2007

Six more!

I managed to finish six more bookmarks before going to bed last night... I may reach my goal. I've been trying to measure just enough thread to make the Sparkling Snowflake. If I still have some thread left on my shuttle, I doodle! I kind of like the doodles... doing them gives me a better feel for how everything fits together in tatting.

My sister gave me the book Golden Legacy as a Thanksgiving present. I just started reading it yesterday... it's fascinating! I've familiarized myself with the layout of the book... that means I've sniffed the pages (I love the smell of new books!), run my hand across each page (I love the feel of paper!), and read the captions for all the pictures. Thank you, Janet!


  1. I like books the way you do too! And you work in a library...that must be heaven to you!

    The bookmarks are fantastic!

  2. How lovely! Your work is so nice! I really like the small motifs on the bookmarks!


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