Friday, February 12, 2010

Cutting it close!

Although Eva liked the pink cross I posted earlier this week, she really wanted one like her mommy's. What's a grandma to do? Make another cross, of course!

I left the ends of the threads hanging so that you could see just how close I came to running completely out of thread! I have never finger tatted before, but it was a necessity if I didn't want to completely remake the tassel. I find finger tatting to be very confusing! I could have joined a new thread I suppose, but that seemed a little ridiculous for the final chains. I could have given myself a little more leeway... the last chain has 8 picots instead of the 7 called for in the pattern. Oops!

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  1. I am glad, in a way, that someone else finds finger tatting confusing. I realize we 'know' how the stitch is made, and the same movements are required as with a shuttle; but, when I have done it (for about 10 stitches) it is very confusing and awkward. I feel as though it IS something I should conquer because it can be so handy, but then, I could always get a tapestry needle and use IT as my shuttle. It's having the tool that makes it so easy for me. LOL
    I think it is 'all in my head' so to speak.
    Very attractive book mark…little girls are so much fun. Boya are a hoot ~ especially from age 3 to around 6. so funny. XX Bev


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