Sunday, February 7, 2010

Here's the scoop...

I ordered this book sight unseen for two reasons: 1) it's an Ondori publication, and I've never seen an Ondori publication that I didn't like, and 2) the cover is blue, and blue is my favorite color! With these strict standards in mind, I took the plunge and spent the money! I have no regrets... the book is beautiful!

Although the text is in Japanese, there are beautiful pictures and very clear diagrams. What do you get for you money? Rose garden doily, Fairy doily, Duchess doily and coaster, Water lily beaded doily, Rosette tatted pieces on Dresden Plate quilt block, Tie (women's not men's), Cathedral window wine glass cover, Summer time pin cushion/hat/barrette, Dream floral hair pieces, Angel necklace, Rainbow (3 hanky edgings), Nostalgia small garment bags, Clover edging on linen circle, Maypole edging on linen circle, Victorian Poesy two small bags, Floral box (one round, one square), Pot-pourri sachet (2), Shoes and pouch, Tatting bag, and Tea time (3 pincushions, 1 needle holder, 1 tape measure).

The dark green piece on my previous post is part of one of the sachets. Tell me now... are you inspired?


  1. Thank you for the information. I TOTALLY respect your reasoning for buying the book sight unseen! It would have been enough for me. It sounds like it is chock full of good stuff and yup, I'm feeling inspired...
    :) Ann

  2. Oh boy, am I EVER inspired! This book is on my must have list and I can't wait to get my greedy hands on a copy. *giggles*

    Thanks for sharing the scoop!

  3. My fingers wee poised above the "pay now" button, but I had the strength of Solomon to pull back.... whoa... way, way back on that Dr. Strangelove buying fist. It was very tough! But, $45.00 plus the $8.00 shipping - and this in US funds..... Woe is me, I just couldn't do it!

    Maybe next week.....

    Fox : )

  4. I've been looking at this one every time I go to ZigZag Corner but have not purchased it yet. There are a couple of patterns in it that I really want....but I'll wait. :-) Enjoy yours!

  5. All of your reasons for buying the Ondori books are valid :)

    Happy tatting!

  6. Inspired? more like envy n full of jealousy. hahaha.....
    the pictures onthe cover itself is beautiful.

  7. I have both of the authors books, they are so beautifully illustrated and the patterns are lovely.
    I was living in South Africa when I brought these books and could not afford the high dollar price that was being charged so I googled and searched and brought them directly from Japan. It is worth the time it takes as I think I only paid $29 inc postage for the one.


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