Sunday, February 14, 2010

Round 4

Well, here it is... round 4 completed! I wasn't very happy with round 3... it looked too close to round 2. Now I know why... my chains are 6 stitches too long, with 2 too many picots. I'm not going to go back and fix it. I'll just make sure I tat the design correctly next time. I was going to send this to one of my blogging buddies as a thank-you gift, but I just can't send it off with such a glaring mistake! ; )

The doily is now about 5" in diameter. The largest doily, called the Centerpiece is 14 rounds. I'm not sure if I have enough thread in this color to complete all 14 rounds. The Placemat is rounds 1-7, with round 14 as the finishing round. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to finish that far. I really like the way this is coming together, and it is really simple!

I probably won't get to tat any more today. I really have to get some groceries in, and my daughter Alison is coming to spend the night with Eva and Aidan. We have all sorts of things planned... look through jewelry making books, choose beads for projects. learn to spin with a drop spindle, warp my loom, watch movies... I don't think we'll get it all done, but we'll have fun trying!


  1. Watching this doily come into being is such a delight. Your shuttles must be flying!

    Are you climbing out from round to round or cutting and tying?

  2. I don't see any mistakes. But mistake or not I think it's beautiful. It was nice to see it come to life after each round. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Many thanks for your visit.
    Beautiful tatting work!

  4. Supertattter - Faster than a whirling shuttle....
    It is lovely.
    Fox : )

  5. I never would have spotted any errors, and even at 'only' three rounds this is an impressive piece. I dont have that book, so I can't imagine 14 rounds!!!

    I'm always amazed at all you do in your busy life, and always appreciate your comments. Happily, it appears that your wrist is back to normal! I broke mine shortly after the 2002 Olympics, and can't believe it's eight years already. Even though I hung up the skates, I'm so happy I can still tat! I'm sure you're being careful in all this snowy and icy weather!

  6. Me again! I now realize this is four rounds! Is this now a finished piece, and another one in the set has the fourteen rounds? I can't even imagine doing fourteen rounds, although vintage patterns routinely were that large!

  7. Wow, this looks great, Diane. I would not admit to the mistake and we wouldn't know it. Your tatting is beautiful.

    I thought I had this book but I guess I don't. Is it a good book? I have her Tatting with Visual Patterns. Would you recommend this book?

    Have fun with your daughter and grandkids. Should we take a bet on whether or not Eva gets this one before the 14 rounds????

    Hugs, Linda


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