Sunday, February 21, 2010

Round 5

I'm really enjoying tatting "Hostess Piece: Placemat" from Mary Konior's Tatting Patterns. Round 5 was very simple, but it took me a long time to complete... I just couldn't stay awake at night this week! It's now 7 1/4" in diameter.

I'm also enjoying the thread (Oren Bayan size 50, color # 066), but I'm not sure where I bought it. I might have purchased it at the lace event in Lafayette, IN last spring.

Youngest daughter Joanne reminded me that pink is her favorite color, and she told me that she loves everything I make. Granddaughter Eva might have competition for this piece!


  1. Amazing. This piece is really coming along beautifully! You are unstoppable! How on earth do you get things done so fast! Your fingers must fly!

    I saw a video on InTatters of a woman tatting, (one of the members, but I cannot remember who; madhur, I think) and her hands were a blur! Literally!

    Every time you post a new pic, I think of that video!

    Fox : )

  2. That is coming along so well and it will be absolutely stunning when finished!!!!!

  3. Great progress, and re-reading your former post, I'm figuring you'll tat 7 rounds, then you'll follow the instructions for round 14 (from the doily), to complete the Placemat at 8 rounds.

    The thread variation is creating such a pretty effect, and in size 50 will look quite delicate. No wonder your daughter is throwing 'hints' around :). I'm so glad she appreciates your work!

  4. wow...very pretty...nice color!


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