Sunday, August 22, 2010

How do you use your tatted pieces?

I've been asked several times about how I'll use my tatting, particularly my Iris Niebach doilies, and my Mary Konior Spinning Wheel glass mats. Iris Niebach doilies line the trays of my shuttle display case that my dad built for me. Spinning Wheel glass mats line the drawers of the shuttle case that my sister Janet gave me for my birthday a couple of years ago. Yes, they're both full, and I either have to stop buying shuttles, or find another display case!

It seems that there's been an animal frenzy on tatting blogs recently, which is wonderful! I'm preparing for a baby shower, and Nancy Tracy's Tatted Snail called to me. I finished the snail a couple of weeks ago, but just stitched it onto the onesie this morning. This is such an easy pattern, and it's appropriate for both boys and girls. It really didn't take long to stitch onto the onesie. Yes, I tacked down each picot. I don't want the new mom to stress out over folded over picots!


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