Saturday, August 28, 2010

Seahorse Dragon

I love Anne Bruvold's dragon patterns, and I've finally tatted one! This is her Seahorse Dragon (adapted from Debbie Arnold's Seahorse), which is all rings and chains... just my speed!

Once again, I've lost the thread tag, but I believe this is size 20 Tropicana HDT from LadyShuttleMaker. When working with HDT, I've found that I like working with Tatsy or Tatsy-sized shuttles. That way I can wind the whole skein on the two shuttles and not have to figure out how I want to join the new thread to make everything look nice. The only thing I do not like about Tatsy shuttles is the raised lettering, because the thread seems to catch on the letters. So, I am the proud owner of two Tatsy-sized shuttles from Grizzly Mountain Arts.

Dave Stanbrough first designed these for me back when I broke my wrist. Mom was visiting, and we ordered the shuttles for two reasons: 1) Mom was learning to tat, and it was easier for her to work with larger threads and shuttles, and 2) the larger shuttles allowed me to get back to tatting sooner. I found that I could not hold the finer threads in my left hand for several months. These wonderful shuttles helped me keep on tatting! When I realized that these larger shuttles were great for working with HDT, I ordered another. I know they're not for everyone, but I love them!


  1. That is one lovely Seahorse Dragon another one for the to do list, Love the colour. Did you find the doily pattern that you wanted to crochet?

  2. Cute seadragon. I haven't seen these before. I love the color and I like that shuttle too. I bet you don't have to add thread very often, huh? Happy Saturday.

  3. Love the seahorse dragon. I'm just now finishing the wings on mine and will post a picture soon. I loved this pattern - it was a lot of fun!

  4. I love your Seahorse Dragon!
    My best whishes to you in this Sunday.

  5. You know, I own one of the Tatsy shuttles... When I saw it in the HH catalog, I thought ' how nice it would be to have a 4.5" shuttle... boy was I surprised when I opened the package.. it's huge!! I almost can't work with it.

    BUT, since you said you can wind a whole skein of Sherry's thread on to 1 of those, I am deciding to give it a try (since I now have some of her thread coming. SQUEEL!! I'm so excited and can't wait to try her thread!! I'd been drooling over it for awhile)

    Oh and I love the seahorse dragon pattern, and can't wait to try it out. Right now, I'm trying to make one of Linda Davies' 3D flowers (Stargazer Lily)... here's hoping it turns out better than the Glass Mat attempts LOL

  6. A lovely Seahorse dragon, congratulations.

  7. Now you have made me really want to tat that tonight. The colours are divine.

  8. Greate job on the Seahorse/dragon! Nice colors to fit it perfectly!

  9. Your big shuttle is very good. I go into the link. but that item is sold.. orz...

    I want to that shuttle.. But I don't know how..


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