Wednesday, November 17, 2010

At last!

My dry spell appears to be over! I've managed to tat two snowflakes without any major snafus! These are Motif #11 from DMC Festive Tatting. I used size 20 Lizbeth, color #670 and #685.

I've probably thrown away 5 or 6 snowflakes in the past couple of weeks. I messed them up so badly that I didn't want to even try to fix them. It's really very discouraging to mess up simple patterns over and over again!

Now, to work on my very soothing Spinning Wheel glass mat... it's halfway done with no mistakes!


  1. Very nice, Diane!

    Lol, you talk about the soothing Spinning Wheel Glass Mat... I've had nothing but headaches trying to work that!

    I messed it up 5 or 6 times in a row, so decided to give it up! I think it's my archenemy (lol j/k)

    So glad it works for you! Tat one for me, will ya?!

  2. Lovely snowflakes! And real christmas colours.

  3. Those look great! I'm glad you're having a better time with your tatting. We all go through those rough patches.

  4. I like your shuttle , tatting

  5. I like your shuttle, beautiful tatting

  6. Hello! dear Diane
    Friend, loved!
    was beautiful, congratulations
    Kisses in your heart,
    w / affection

  7. Lovely snowflakes and you have no idea how happy I am to read that even you has to start over several times, even on simple patterns. I am not alone in this!!!! But, the result is all that matters and yours is great! You ARE going to display them around Christmas, aren't you?

  8. Well, thank goodness! Those rough patches are enough to put you off their feed!Don't I know it! But, here you are, right back in the shuttle with these beauties. Very pretty!
    Fox : ))

  9. Very pretty! It feels so good when a pattern finally goes right. Weirded out pieces with lots of fixes necessary are where most of my UFO come from. If you don't look at 'em, there's nothing wrong with 'em. Sometimes running "home" to a favorite pattern is the only way to get your fingers back in trim. It's good to have a favorite!

  10. These are beautiful and I would definitely say your slump is past. Happy tatting...

  11. WOW!!! I love the colour combination!! Nice to know you are back on is very frustrating when there is more penelope than double stitch!
    I really must get the pattern for the spinning tuit list just keeps getting longer!


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