Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ooh! Eee!

First, I received my tatting press from Ann. It is even prettier in person! And look at all the goodies Ann sent with it... I'm going to be having a blast after Thanksgiving! Thank you, Ann! (Special note to Ann: It took me 7 tries to get this bow. I may have to come take lessons from you!)

Then, I stopped at my friend Denise's house after school yesterday. Look at all the goodies she gave me! She found some lovely Christmas scrapbooking paper for me to play with, some fancy stickers, jewels, glitter nail polish, and most importantly... Denise blinged two shuttles for me. Please click for a close-up... they're fabulous! Thank you, Denise!

And let's not forget tatting! Yes, Fox, I finished my third Iris Niebach motif! I'm not sure if it can replace my beloved Spinning Wheel glass mat, but it is a lot of fun to tat! I think I may have to tat a few more for Christmas gifts!


  1. I see that you have wonderful items in return. There are so many ideas in the gift itself.

  2. I've been seeing so many tatting presses lately - and I have NO idea what they are? What do you do with them? -I might need one...... :)
    I am enjoying both yours, and Fox's shows of Niebach Christmas motifs - nice thread!

  3. The tatting presses have been designed and made by Ann at Nifty Needle. They're for keeping your tatting from becoming all tangled up, especially if you're taking it somewhere!

    I was hoping for a pattern. Imagine how excited I was to receive the actual tatting press!

    I probably wouldn't have tatted this design without Fox's encouragement... not that I didn't like it... I just wasn't inspired to work on a small design. I'm glad Fox encouraged me to try it!

  4. wow, u lucky lady, diane, lovely presents you got! my favourites have to be the blinged shuttles and your tatted snowflake! i really love snowflakes but i don't have any in my climate.

    have fun tatting!

  5. Love the blinged shutles and the tatting press is awesome!

  6. What a pretty press. SO, so pretty - BUT not as pretty as MINE!! Have I said that before? Ah, when you get to my age you do tend to repeat yourself!!! BUT it's true!!!!!

  7. I am so happy for you Diane! I to love your shuttles and press! What a neat idea!

    Beautiful tatting too!!!

  8. That is so cool!!


    Happy Tatting and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  9. Lovely and thoughtful gifts you received. I didn't know there was a tatting press. Love your red and green tattings.
    A warm and plentiful Thanksgiving to you and yours...

  10. Ring-a-ding-ding you've got the bling-bling-bling! Such pretty paper and transfers - you are going to have allot of fun!

    Jane is incorrigible, isn't she!

    :) Ann

  11. Ola! Diane
    amiga, vim te dar um bj carinhoso e dizer que você é muito querida no meio das blogueiras.
    tenha um excelente dia


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