Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ready for another swap

With the last swap, I was open to anything tatting related. This time I'd like to swap for decorated shuttles. Are you interested?

I think this pink shuttle is my favorite in this batch. Marty asked if the thread caught on the "jewels." I couldn't honestly answer, because I hadn't tried the shuttles out. So, last night I tatted a Stumpy motif. There are three coats of Mod Podge and a coat of sealer. I had no problem with the thread catching, so I think all those coats are doing their job! ~ swap with tattabugg

It's hard to tell with the sun shining on this amber colored shuttle, but I used a wine theme napkin. I think it's really pretty! ~ for Lace Rn

Maybe the purple one's my favorite! This is the one that caught Marty's eye! ~ swap with TypsTatting

Lily said she was "green with envy" over this one. It is pretty! ~ swap with Lily

Although I love the teal shuttle, this is my least favorite of the group. The napkins become translucent with the Mod Podge. It's hard to tell, but this side has coffee beans. Since you can see through the Sew Mate shuttles, I should have decoupaged only one side.

I love the back side... coffee shows up so clearly! This should have been the top. ~ for Val

Anyway, if you're interested in swapping one of these shuttles for one of your decorated shuttles, please leave a comment. As before, I'll swap with the first person to leave a comment for each color.


  1. Would love to swap the purple one if you dont mind!

  2. I won't swap again, but a thought just occurred to me. Maybe these translucent shuttles would be candidates to paint before decoupaging?

  3. Would love to swap with the green one, but it will have to wait until another time *sigh

    I still need to place an order for more shuttles, and I don't have the materials yet to bling the ones that I do have...

    Raincheck? LOL

  4. Makes me wish I HAD a decorated shuttle to trade. I have ONE, but it was given to be by such a close friend that I'd not part with it ~ no way. LOL
    Your shuttles are lovely.


  5. I would love to swap for the pink shuttle and I have a clover pink one to swap with you if you don't mind :)

  6. hey, these are lovely! i really love "coffee" :p but i think we'd sent our share...

  7. Amiga Diane
    estes navetes são belíssimos, realmente você é uma artista, parabéns!!!
    bjs no coração,


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