Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mod Podge Crazy!

Yes, I have been tatting, but I haven't completed anything. I have three almost finished projects, but I'll save them for another day. When I take a break from tatting, I knit or decoupage! Here are my latest pieces...

Pastel Clover shuttles decoupaged with origami paper.

Side one of Sew Mate shuttles with no point, decoupaged with origami paper.

Side two of Sew Mate shuttles with no point, decoupaged with origami paper.

Sew Mate shuttles decoupaged with decorative napkins and bejeweled.

Side one of Tatsy shuttles decoupaged with origami paper.

Side two of Tatsy shuttles decoupaged with origami paper.

I'm looking forward to trying the Tatsy shuttles. I like that I can wind a full skein of HDT on one shuttle, but I don't like the fact that the thread catches on the raised letters. Looks like that problem might be solved!


  1. Wow Diane,

    You sure do beautiful shuttle decorating!!

    I hope I can do a good job for the one I'll be swapping with you!!

    Don't know of another shuttle that can hold a candle next to yours :-D

  2. All of the shuttles look great! You sure are having fun with the Mod Podge.

  3. Oh, Diane, these shuttles are all having a wonderful new coat of decoupage! Pretty!

  4. I think the first group are my favourites, so pretty!
    And my goodness, you must have a big store of shuttles, I thought I was bad!

  5. Wow, those shutles look awesome!

  6. To be perfectly honest... I've been buying plastic shuttles like crazy just so I can decorate them! So much for saving for retirement!

  7. The Tatsy shuttle is the huge shuttle? I have those but not yet use it properly.

    I love the new shuttles. Look like you're hooked.

  8. Oh my gosh! You really have been busy with decoupaging shuttles. (I thought I was bad.) You have found some great papers with smaller patterns - they all look wonderful.

    I love Mod Podge - it makes me want to decoupage everything . . .

  9. You're rockin' it - those are so fun!

  10. Your shuttles are very fun and beautiful. Happy decoupaging...

  11. Ola! querida amiga
    amei seus tatting ou seja ônibus, talvez não esteja correto o nome, mas estão belos com decoração.
    Bjs no coração, fique com o mestre Maior a iluminar sempre você.
    tenha um excelente final de semana.


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