Friday, June 8, 2012

Lazy days...

I am suddenly feeling very lazy, and I'm not accomplishing much. However, I have managed to bling some more shuttles! I liked the roses so much, I decided to do another batch. What will I do with them all? I really don't know right now.

Granddaughter Eva, the one who wants to learn how to tat is going to get a special birthday gift this year... blinged shuttles, and her very own beginning tatting book! Knots in Thread by Sparrow Kelley has wonderful large illustrations, large print, and 6 simple patterns, perfect for a 10-year-old! There's even a template for making picot gauges in the back. I can hardly wait for her birthday party on Sunday!

I bought a package of these napkins when I was out shopping earlier in the week. I think the shuttles look perfect for a little girl, and I have enough left from the napkin to decorate several more shuttles. I think Grandma might need a set to match Eva's!

The question now is, what shall I do with the 11 remaining napkins? How about a giveaway? The first 11 people to email their mailing info to me will get one of these cheerful napkins. Let the blinging begin!


  1. AliceGap, somehow I deleted your comment. I do apologize. Here's the copy and paste version...

    I'm from Brazil. I love your blog that i found looking for tatting in the web.
    These napkins are so beautiful!!

  2. Love the shuttles! ♥ I think I love them even more because you didn't go with the obvious placement with the patterns... I think I would have been so focused on the petal-shapes in the blue and green that I wouldn't have even thought of how pretty it would look without them present! I can't want to see what you do with the red napkin!!! It's so pretty!

    Stephanie Grace

  3. Look forward to seeing what lucky Eva makes with her new shuttles and book.

  4. i have clover with the oval indent in them.
    I love the way you bling yours!

  5. Lovely shuttles, I am sure she will love one. I am teaching my grand daughter to tat at the moment, it's nice to pass tatting on to a younger generation


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