Monday, June 11, 2012

Presents from Poland

Last fall, my son-in-law Jan's father visited from Slovakia. Jan Sr. is a chemistry professor, and for part of his visit he wanted to see the Chicago area. So, down they drove from Minnesota for the weekend!

Jan Sr. showed an interest in my tatting shuttles. One can never tell if there is true interest, or if the visitor is just being polite. This time, I think there was true interest! Jan Sr. traveled to Poland, and he found tatting shuttles for me! Joanne drove down yesterday to help me get the house ready for my birthday party on Saturday, and she gave me the shuttles last night. Thank you Jan Sr.! I'm thrilled that you have added to my collection!

I have never seen Pony or Prym shuttles in a store around here. I do have some, but I ordered them online. This is my first tortoise-colored Prym! I would love to bling two of these Pony shuttles, but I have no idea of how to begin with a bobbin style shuttle. Maybe if I travel to the UK La Cossette would give me a lesson or two! ; )


  1. ... and the collection keeps growing, :)

    I have two of the shuttles on the left. It is slightly bigger than my clovers and heavier too, but I enjoyed tatting with it. If there is a pick on it, I may enjoy it more.

  2. what a great sure have a big colection..i only have one shuttel :)))

  3. How wonderful that Jan's interest wasn't merely politeness! I have a couple of tortoiseshell shuttles like that that my sister-in-law sent me. I like them for big jobs because they hold a lot of thread.

    Happy Birthday, too, and many happy returns of the day.

  4. Interesting shuttles. I've never seen a Prym at all -- they look really curved to me. As for blinging the Ponys, make sure to take a set of buffing files to the tail end so the bobbin will fit before you bling. Lately I have been using a set of colored permanent Sharpies to color the edge of the shuttle and the winding post to match the paper I intend to use. I usually take a piece of paper about 1.25 wide by 2.5 long and put a centered vertical slit about 3/4 inch long from the bottom of the paper. Then I put modpodge all over the shuttle and center the paper with the slit eased around the bobbin winder. I use my thumbnail or the rounded end of an old metal file to ease the paper down along the winder flanges. Once it's dry I use a curved nail scissors to cut away all the excess paper then do the other side. I LOVE the winder posts and use that length when I tat so I never neuter 'em.

  5. What a nice present, it's nice to get something you can use.


  6. what fun birthday presents. very interesting to see things from other places.

  7. Wonderful gifts to add to your collection :)

  8. How very kind, thoughtful and generous to gift you with these shuttles from Poland. Happy Tatting...

  9. oh my. imagine my surprise, when i enter your blog and the first picture i see is of the very shuttles i use here, in poland :D prym and pony are the most available, but considered a bit lacking in quality... although the amber one on the left has quite a following in many tatting circles :D

    many tatters use clovers (the standard, cheapest ones) or wooden shuttles, the very simple, machine-made kind. it's impossible to get a hand-carved wooden or decoupaged or fancy hand-made resin-with-tatting-inside shuttles... the modest wooden ones, like these: are considered a treat :D



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