Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sulky Blendables #4032 ~ Iris

Whenever I see an iris, I think of my friend Lil Chapman. Lil was a wonderful lady. When we first moved here, she had her own local radio show. Remember the old local shows that had daily swap shops? Lil didn't have a swap shop show. Hers was a self-help family advocacy show. Lil would read books, interview experts, and answer callers' questions about how to deal with family problems. She was a school board member and an advocate for children with disabilities. She was also a lover of irises! Lil's yard was filled with them, and when we built our house 19 years ago, Lil invited me over, dug up some of her favorite plants and gave them to me for my garden. Sadly, Lil's home, which was filled with antiques, burned to the ground about a year later. We talked about dividing the irises she had given me so that she could start a new garden, but somehow that never happened. So, whenever I see an iris, I smile and think of Lil!

I also remember having irises by the steps up to our house in Philadelphia, back when I was very little! We called them flags back then. I really don't remember why. Who would think that one little spool of thread could bring back so many memories?

Yes, that is another Clover shuttle decorated with fabric from Ann!

Joanne and I have been very busy getting ready for the big birthday celebration on Saturday. I have taken a little time to tat, mainly using what's left of the skein of Easter in August from Anika. Doesn't it make pretty butterflies and flowers? I've been inspired by the newest book in my collection...

Tatting Collage by Lindsay Rogers. The book was sitting on my no-longer-messy tatting table (the one to the left of my chair), and Dave noticed it. He kind of chuckled and told me that if you didn't look carefully, you might think the title is Tatting College! He's a very observant man! : )


  1. Funny - how the name of the book inspired your mate’s comment!

    Hmmm, I notice that title is not in my library. How do you like this book? We need a report as I have not noticed any commentary about it in Tat-land - or I have missed it.

    Love the Iris motifs! Great colour.
    Fox ; )

  2. The flowers and butterflies are beautiful. I love the thread you used which enhances each motif.
    I grew up in Philadelphia and I remember irises being called flags and sometimes blue flags. I don't know why either.

  3. I have that book and have used it as inspiration.
    It has small motifs like Diane has tatted, and arranges them in pictures.
    It is a good book.

  4. Love the thread and your tats!
    We called them flags, too, but don't know why either. The blue flags were the wild irises that grew by the water, and were a pretty blue. I have 1 at the lake, and several different irises in my garden.

  5. Please give your husband a hug for me! That's exactly what I read the first time I saw the title on Handy Hands... I thought I was alone and felt a little foolish! I'm so glad I'm not alone! LOL.

    The flowers and butterflies are beautiful and I loved hearing about Lil and your connections with irises. It really is amazing how something as simple as a spool of thread can bring back [and spread] such a rush of smiles! :-)

    Stephanie Grace

  6. Your tatting is so even and consistent. I can imagine you getting into a tatting zone and just being really happy. A Very Happy Birthday to you dear...Celebrate!!!

  7. I was given the original printed copy of this book and I find it a lovely book with some lovely ideas and patterns, Your pieces looks lovely.

    It's strange how a flower can remind you of someone, she sounds a lovely lady.


  8. How do you have this already? When I looked it up, it is available in August ---

  9. I didn't know irises were ever called "flags". In the Appalachians, "flags" are the lilies that have naturalized by the sides of the roads. I was told they were called flags because they look like surveyors flags.

    I've been tatting for 35+ years and am just discovering tatting blogs!


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