Sunday, April 3, 2016

Calmer weather

Yesterday was a bizarre weather day. We had segments of time where it was bright and sunny, and then we would see dark, ominous clouds. At times there were gusts of wind mixed with snow that were so strong, we couldn't see the road in front of our house. We also had a couple of rounds of tiny hail. I guess I don't need to tell you that our Internet service was very spotty yesterday!

Luckily, everything is calm this morning. It's 27˚ right now, and we're supposed to reach a high of 64˚. That's spring in Illinois!

Since there wasn't much else to do while the babies were napping, I was able to tat quite a bit. I should be able to finish my Crocus Spinning Wheel glass mat today. Marilee's thread is so cheerful!

Joanne and family will be heading back to Minnesota this morning, so I guess I'd better start tending to my morning chores!


  1. The colourway seems to echo your erratic weather, but in a very cheerful way - the yellow/orange sun getting a chance to shine between the dark purple clouds :-)

  2. This thread is beautiful and so is your tatting. But i am wondering how many spinning glass mats a person actually needs. Lol

  3. Sounds as though the weather couldn't make up its mind. This mat is looking fabulous. Enjoy the last bit of time with the family.

  4. Hmm, sounds like MN! I'm loving that glass mat!

  5. That mat is really lovely. Marilee's colors are all so pretty, aren't they? Your 'gift' stash will be in great shape with all those glass mats you've tatted.

  6. I'm intrigued that Marilee's thread repeats seem to be working out 'in sync' with the spinning wheel pattern!

    Wonder where your warm weather is coming from! Can you send it here to Western PA?
    They say it's going to be cold all week!

    1. Great thread!

      It's snowing here tight now - and COLD! April in TO!

  7. It's beautiful in Crocus! We need some spring here where it's cold and snowing.

  8. I love this spinning wheel in such a fun variegated thread.


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