Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I forgot to blog last night

I cleaned up the kitchen after dinner, talked to my daughter on the phone, did a little research on the Internet, and then headed off to bed. Blogging never entered my mind!

I did accomplish little bits yesterday...

another spoke almost completed on my Spinning Wheel glass mat,

a few rings and chains on my Concentric Rectangles doily,

another row on my mermaid tail afghan,

and quite a bit on the second side of my beaded crocheted bag! Our new fourth grade teacher got engaged on Sunday, so I've offered to make her a bag.

My friend Michelle's daughter will be getting married next year. I crocheted a bag for Michelle when she got married. She was daughter Carol's Sunday School teacher through most of elementary school. Anyway, I've offered to crochet a bag for Jessica as well.

Maybe I should go in to the bridal bag business when I retire! ;-)


  1. I bet you could sell them for a pretty penny.

  2. I think that's a brilliant idea bridal wear is always a good seller.
    You did a fair bit yesterday and the latest spinning wheel mat looks gorgeous

  3. I can't wait to see all the projects finished!!! They are all so beautiful and such a fabulous array of colors too!!! :)

  4. You could! But think how many other projects you'd have to forego

  5. You could go in so many directions with all your needlework skills - and you might just do that! I might worry that you would overdo and get stressed out, but you seem to be - another big word - 'indefatigable' !


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