Sunday, April 17, 2016


When I focus on a task, I can really accomplish a great deal. Today I decided to focus on one project at a time, with fantastic results!

First, I focused on completing round four of my Concentric Rectangles doily. I even managed to start round five.

Next, I decided to try and finish the second side of my beaded crocheted bag, and I did it!

I'm feeling really good about today's accomplishments. :-)


  1. Great perseverance & the results are there for all to see & enjoy :-)
    One day I am going to start the rectangular doily.

  2. Yes I agree with the above writers Wow I love this rectangular doily I downloaded it but stalled out on the instructions they seem odd a hard to understand too, not sure why :(

    1. Just think 4. Everything between picots is 4. Rings are all the same. Chains are all the same. Once you get started, it's simple!

  3. Awesome progress!!! :)
    I am hoping to make progress on tatting this week! :)

  4. Congratulations, Diane. You deserve to feel good about your accomplishments today.

  5. When we are able to focus on what we want to it is amazing how much we can accomplish. Looking good dear.

  6. Great results! Can't wait to see more of both.


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