Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spring sure is busy!

Why is it that spring seems so busy? I guess it's because we've been cooped up all winter, and the chance to get outside takes priority. All I know is that somehow spring has been getting in the way of my fiber time!

I did make a little progress on my Spinning Wheel in size 20 Omega.

I also managed to finish the top of the beaded bag. All I have left to do is make and add the beaded drawstring, and it will need to be blocked. I think I'll look for my white hankies before I head off to bed tonight. That way I'll be all ready to look work on the hanky edging this week.

I did crochet two more rows on the mermaid tail afghan. I'm going to need to really focus on this once I finish the beaded bag and hanky!


  1. Ah, I don't know why I had difficulty visualising the final shape of the beaded bag. I see now. Good job! It's very pretty and I'm sure the beads must twinkle.

  2. That bag is so pretty! Maybe take a close up so we can see the beads?

  3. Some progress is so much better than none at all!!! And I think you have made quite a lot of progress considering you still have life to deal with too!! :)

  4. Love the bag, it's looks so delicate and beautiful
    Another spinning wheel, lovely colour what number is this one I have lost count
    A little work each is better than none

  5. Wow, you are an expert all the items are lovely!

  6. Spring does seem extra busy as we awake from our Winter hibernation and have so many activities to attend. Your Tatting and Crocheting are so Beautiful. You might need to insure your hands with Lloyds of London my friend.

  7. I'm with Jane... now I can finally see it :-)
    Love all that you are making & did you solve the mystery of the Generous Soul With the Mystery Bouquet ? What a truly thoughtful , heartwarming gesture .


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