Friday, February 23, 2018

Black Widow

I pulled out another of my beautiful Grizzly Mountain Arts shuttles today. I call this one the Black Widow, not because of the beautiful spider web on this side.

It's because of this side. I do love this shuttle! The Ice Drop isn't too bad, either. 😌

My friend Denise started a crocheted triangle shaw using the linen stitch. Hers was so pretty, I decided to crochet one also. The yarn is Impeccable from Loops & Threads, and the color is Folklore. This is a worsted weight yarn, so I had to move my crochet hook up from an H to a J to get some drape. Denise is doing hers in Lion Brand Mandala. I'm going to crochet one out of that, too. Denise is using a pink and gray combo. Mine will be... blue, of course!


  1. Great Ice Drop!!! :)
    Awesome looking shawl!! :)

  2. Love the shuttle cool hourglass too, the beautiful drop and that yarn is fantastic.😍

  3. That sounds a bit sinister! I was been reading about linen stitch yesterday, so I'm glad to see your example. Looks good!

  4. Always nice to see one of your many shuttles with your perfect ice drop. Pretty shawl. I am not familiar with the linen stitch, will need to look that one up.

    1. The linen stitch is so simple! Single crochet, chain one across; on the next row the single crochet goes in the chain one space.

  5. Beautiful ice drop
    Gorgeous shawl love the colours


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