Sunday, February 25, 2018

Spa day

Two of my daughters and my oldest granddaughter had a spa day with me yesterday. My grandson opted out. I wonder why? We had great fun with foot baths, paraffin wax for our hands, and facials... all at home, of course!

I did have a little time for crafting yesterday, but not much. We had a fun filled day that started at 9 a.m. and went all the way to 7 p.m.

Today was another story. I had lots of time to myself.

My newest shuttle and picot hook from Grizzly Mountain Arts arrived on Friday. I put them to work right away! I actually started the Ice Drop Friday night and finished it Saturday night.

I worked on round 6 of Renulek's Wiosna 2018 today. I purchased the pattern from Etsy so that I could keep going when I was in the mood. I like that Renata releases her patterns in increments, but now that I'm retired, I like to tat when the mood strikes me.

Talking with Denise about triangular scarves and shawls got me in the mood to search the Internet. I found this Middle of the Road scarf by Sue Pinner and couldn't wait to get started. The yarn is Lion Brand Mandala and the color is Spirit. This pattern is done in v stitch, and is super simple.

I mad pretty good progress on the scarf/shawl pattern that Denise and I are working on. This is a heavier weight yarn that works up very nicely. I love the way the linen stitch pattern looks with the multiple colors!


  1. All your projects are and have worked up nicely love that yarn color and newest shuttle is great to💖

  2. Spa day sounds fun! You've done a lot of craft work too.

  3. Totally awesome and beautiful projects!!!! :)
    Your doily is outstanding!! :)

  4. Diane, I am not retired yet, but I bought the pattern too, for pretty much the same reason. I am on round 7 right now. It will take you a little while to work that one. Yours is looking good.


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