Friday, February 9, 2018

Snow day!

School was cancelled for today because of predicted nasty weather. We didn't really get much snow last night, but it's been snowing steadily all day long. My mail lady said the main roads were okay, but the side roads are pretty bad. I was happy to stay home all day!

I was able to catch up on some housework and laundry, and then I sat down to tat this beautiful Posy Ice Drop by Nicola Bowersox. Nicola provided anther version of this pattern that includes another round, which I think I'll try soon.

If you're a member of the Ice Drops Addicts page on Facebook, you'll find the pattern for free under Files.

Today's mail included my newest shuttle, Painted Metal Tatting Shuttle - Marbled from The Knotted Vine. I love collecting new and unusual shuttles. I bet you didn't know that! ;-)

Yesterday, I received my newest fish shuttle from Handy Hands. My friend Denise ordered the same shuttle, and we both think that we were meant to own these shuttles. Denise's has pink eyes (pink is her favorite color), and mine has blue eyes (blue is my favorite color). I think it was serendipitous that we each received the shuttle that was perfect for us!


  1. Gorgeous elegant Ice Drop!!! :)
    Beautiful shuttles!!! :)

  2. Love this fish and with a day off I'm sure an ice drop is a better prediction than the snow.❄💜❄

  3. Oh yes, this is another ice drop I must try. Love the fish!

  4. Love the ice drop pattern - and the fish shuttle. How ironic that you and Denise each got the perfect one!

  5. Beautiful ice drop, love the colour, must remember that colour when I buy some more.
    Lovely new shuttles, of course we know you like collecting them, how many have you now??


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