Sunday, February 18, 2018

Waiting for spring

I know it's about a month before the official start of spring, but I really think the weather is taking a turn toward spring. Yes, we had snow yesterday afternoon... almost two inches... but it was warm enough today, that most of it melted. We're expecting rain for the next few days, so I figure we'll have no white stuff left by the end of the week.

It's going to be a busy week. I know I'm subbing Monday through Thursday, and on Friday daughter Alison is coming for a visit with her kids. I had to get my quality tatting time in today!

I decided it was time to get started with Renulek's 2018 tat-along. Round 1 is done in Lizbeth #115, Springtime. I used one of my new see through shuttles from Japan. This one is a pale lavender color. I like that I can easily see how much thread I have left, and I really like the super sharp tip! I found out about them from my friend Carol. They're available on eBay.

These shuttles are available three to a pack in small and large sizes, similar to Clover shuttles. I think I do prefer the Clovers because of the little grooves over the post. These do feel a little slick. Otherwise, there's not much difference between the two brands.

My day is not complete without an Ice Drop, and there was plenty of thread left on the shuttle. Doesn't this look cheerful?

Round 2 is in Lizbeth #680, Spring Green. The shuttle is from the same pack as the lavender, but as you can see, this one is clear.

Of course, another Ice Drop was needed!


  1. Lovely Spring colours! I like those clear shuttles, it is handy to be able to see how much thread is left. Ice drops are a great way to empty shuttles.

  2. Lovely Spring colours, I am hoping Spring is coming, already the snowdrops and crosus are flowering and the daffodils are showing colour one or two are already out. We have our weather from the Alantic which is not too bad for the next few days. For us in the south west of England it's been wet, very wet, We look like we might have another cold snap from the east which for us will be from Russia, Hopefully it will just drop the temperatures down without the white stuff. Scotland has had a lot of snow all winter I am sure they will be glad for Spring.
    Another beautiful ice drop.

  3. Oooh, that doily is going to be so bright and cheerful!!! : ) Both Ice Drops are already bright and cheerful!!! :)

  4. Yay - you started! Love that Springtime thread choice - can’t wait for Spring in reality! (We have ice and snow today - again.) Those new shuttles are fun - love the clear one.

  5. Love your colors and this is a great start to spring doily. Could you sent the link for those shuttles, I see them all over Instagram but cant seem to get them to get back with me and there is the language bearer :)

    1. Here you go!

  6. My weatherman says spring is a few weeks off but you are a bit farther south. I do like those shuttles and have some on order from Japan. I may have to join the shuttle addicts group. wink wink


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