Monday, May 21, 2018

Another weekend flies by!

Did you watch Royal Wedding on Saturday? I did! Yup... I was up at 4 a.m. and watched all the coverage. The wedding was much less formal than William and Kate's, but it still had enough glamour to keep me glued to the t.v.!

While watching, I tatted an Ice Drop. What else would I do? :-)

I remember watching all of William and Kate's wedding, but it didn't correspond to anything significant in my life, so it's hard for me to remember when it was. However, I clearly remember Charles and Diana's wedding. They were married on daughter Carol's due date. She was a smart girl and waited to be born the next day! My sister and I were glued to the t.v. in our respective homes, and we whispered excitedly about every detail of the wedding. We whispered so that we wouldn't wake our husbands!

I didn't tat anything on Sunday. Grandson Aidan had his 8th grade graduation, so Dave and I drove up for the celebration in the afternoon. Look at that... Aidan is almost as tall as me!

Today was another sub day. I'll bet you're getting tired of reading that statement! The seniors have graduated, so I didn't have full classes most of the day. Lucky me... time to tat!

I was thrilled to receive a special parcel today from England. Several months ago, I was contacted for permission to publish my basic Ice Drop pattern in the Ring of Tatters newsletter. Naturally, I agreed!

I am flattered more than you can imagine! I never would have thought that anything I designed would ever be published anywhere. Thank you, members of Ring of Tatters! You have made me feel very special!


  1. People the world over Anne thank fil for you and this wonderful idea (and patterns!)

  2. Congratulations on being published in Ring of Tatters! Well deserved, the ice drop is a phenomenon. I didn't watch the royal wedding, but it was on my 39th wedding anniversary, so I'll remember the date.

  3. Due to your generosity, its good to think that many more tatters the world over will have access to your lovely ice drop pattern.
    Yes we watched every minute of Harry & Megan's wedding, it was also our younger daughter's birthday!

  4. Great Ice Drops!! :)
    And you thought you were retired...... ;)

  5. Coçngratulations to Aidan, and to you for the well-deserved publication of the Ice Drop pattern ;)
    I love the colour of these Ice Drops... Lizbeth?

  6. Lots of celebrations and congratulations, well deserved to have the ice drops published in the Ring of Tatters. Just how many have you made to date? I was with husband and one son so only saw the highlights of the wedding later on in the day. Even though the wedding was less formal it was dignified, better still the general public saw that the church can be more relaxed and less stuffy!

  7. Congratulations on your ice drop being published,
    We went out shopping I'm afraid my hubby was not interested in the wedding, I did see her dress, much plainer than I thought it would be, certainly a very different wedding to all the other royals, and less formal. Lovely to see all the page boys and bridesmaids, all dress and very young. I think that America was more interested in the wedding than the British this time. He's more playful Royal and although he will never be King he's sixth in line to the throne, it's nice to see him throw out tradition and be himself. Out of the two boys he's more like Princes Diane

  8. First, I can't believe your seniors have graduated already! Our HS commencements are always in June!
    And congrats to Aidan for his 8th grade ceremony!
    Also am amazed to learn that Diana's wedding day was quite a diversion before the very imminent birth of your daughter!

    Second, I have so many mixed feelings about the royal family that I look at these weddings more like 'over-the-top' Hollywood movies. Right out of Fairy-Tale Land and Disney! I only watched some of it when the ceremony started, but I love reading all about the behind-the-scenes stuff. I'm amazed that they have separate dresses for the wedding and reception.

    I myself have roots in England and wish I could visit! My great-great grandfather (mother's side) was married in one of the old churches (still there) in London. His son, my great-grandfather emigrated to America (Massachusetts) in 1870 with his bride. And THEIR son, my grandfather) in 1897 married an IRISH gal (also born here). Fortunately, the families always got along!

    The one good thing is that these royal weddings divert us in a very pleasant way from the usual gloom-and-doom news.

    And speaking of England - SO GLAD to see that your Ice Drops have 'arrived' there! Congratulations! You deserve the accolades!

  9. Congratulations on being published in the Ring of Tatters newsletter! And also congratulations to Aidan on his 8th grade graduation!

  10. Congratulations !!! You did start a revolution and it's still going strong :-)


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