Saturday, May 5, 2018


I've pretty much been out of the loop for the past couple of days. I've been too busy for almost anything!

Thursday was a sub day in second grade. Those kids are so much fun!

Thursday night the Soup Club got together to celebrate our friend Peggy's birthday.

We must all be getting old... we all went home around 8 o'clock. We all seem to fizzle out early these days.

Friday I subbed at the high school, and then after school Bella and I went shopping. We went to JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby. Yes, we bought lots of goodies! Bella got a spool knitting kit, and I think I have her hooked! Yes, the pun was intended. :-)

I found Christmas Red thread at Hobby Lobby, so I bought a ball rather than look for the one I know I have stashed away somewhere in the house. This one is for the teacher I subbed for on Friday. I'm not sure I'll have a tree full of Ice Drops to show at the end of May. So far, I've given away every one I've tatted!

I'm trying to use things up, and I was nearly at the end of my ball of crochet cotton. It looked like I had enough for two or three spool pin doilies.

I think they look so cute!

Imagine my surprise when I was able to crochet seven spool pin doilies out of the remaining thread!


  1. Great Ice Drop! And your little doilies are so beautiful!!! :)

  2. I almost thought those spool doilies were the beginning of a scarf! Love the color of the yarn. Great photo! Glad you're enjoying retirement, which still lets you have the 'school experience' in a less stressful way!


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