Thursday, May 17, 2018

What happened to Wednesday?

I really don't know! I thought I blogged yesterday, but I can't find any evidence to prove that I did. I guess I've been busier than I thought!

Yesterday I was a floating sub, covering classes while teachers attended end of the year meetings. I really got around... second grade, middle school lunch, high school math middle school p.e., shredding papers in the office, and high school resource.

Despite all the bouncing around, I managed to tat an Ice Drop. This was an experiment and I like it, but I felt like the outer rings were too small.

So, today I tatted the same design with slightly larger rings. I like this one much better! I also found time to tat my Minty Fudge pattern.

Although I've thoroughly enjoyed subbing this year, I'm ready for the school year to be over. There's so much I want to do at home, and I just haven't gotten around to accomplishing much of anything. Daughter Joanne will be arriving next weekend, and I'm hoping she will be able to motivate me to get started with reaching my goals!


  1. Yes, it does look better with bigger rings. Looks like eyes with eyelashes! Phew, bouncing around takes energy, it's not surprising you don't get as much done at home as you'd like to.

  2. Great Ice Drops!!! :)
    You sure have been busy!!

  3. Well, if you didn't then Wednesday went to Rome ;-P
    Heading reminded me of that song 'If it's Tuesday it must be Belgium'
    and your 'floating' sub makes me wonder whether you could add a floating ring to the new experimental ice drop ;-D

  4. Lovely colours for your ice drops. Wondering if your daughter has as much energy as you have? If she has then
    you will certainly both obtain your goals!


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