Saturday, May 26, 2018

Fun and games


Joanne and her kids arrived around 1 p.m. yesterday. After putting all their things away and eating lunch, we spent the afternoon outside. The kids pulled out all their toys and played on the porch, ran through the sprinkler, and fed the chickens. It was a loud, hot, glorious afternoon!

As for tatting, I did almost finish an Ice Drop before everyone arrived. However, I made a big mistake.  I forgot five double stitches before doing a lock join. Usually, I'm pretty good about picking out a lock join... not this time. After about 20 minutes of trying, I had such a mess, I just snipped it off and threw it out. Maybe I'll have time to try again today... maybe!


  1. Or maybe not. Have fun, with or without ice drops.

  2. I'm still trying to envision the chickens running around! Any photos? Any eggs?

    I wish we had a sprinkler to run through! All of a sudden it's hot and humid! Glad for our A/C in the house, but it means we are stuck in the house, just like in winter!
    I'm happy with the long daylight hours, though, and we can go outside in early evening.

    Have a nice Memorial Day Weekend. It's a good time to reflect on the sacrifices of our military. I also remember the parades our band marched in back in the '50s-'60s. And they are still continuing the tradition.

  3. I too have moments like that and you just got to set it down and go back later or start over. the kids look like a wonderful distraction :)

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