Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Finished for now

All of the promised necklaces have been finished and delivered!

This one went to Nikki.

This one went to Paige.

This one is unclaimed.

This one is also unclaimed.

This one went to Hope.

The unclaimed ones were possibilities. The girls weren't sure if they preferred the Swarovski rivolis or the compass charms. Now I have a couple of back-up necklaces!

Over the past couple of days, I've also tatted four butterflies and flower motifs for my sister. I forgot to take a picture before packing them up for mailing. Janet's going to use them for a collage she's creating for her granddaughter. Abby recently had her first dance recital, and Janet has put together a framed piece including pictures from the recital, tickets, and the program. There were a couple of bare spaces which will now have tatted motifs from Great-aunt Diane! I'll post a picture when Janet sends it to me.

Yesterday, our high school secretary requested two messy bun/ponytail hats. Knowing I have a long way to go on Aidan's afghan, I decided to knock them out right away. Believe it or not, I finished them both today! However, I forgot to take a picture. Oh, well.

I'm still having a problem posting comments on blogs, including my own. I found that I can reply to comments if I use Chrome. However, I'm used to using Safari, so I am frustrated that I can't use Blogger the way I like.

Are any of you Apple users? Have you upgraded to Mojave and experienced problems? I'd sure like to know if anyone has found any solutions. In the meantime, I'll keep researching!


  1. You're like Superwoman - you've already bounced back and are going full tilt! I did guess you also had some knit and woven scarves on hand, too. And I can't believe how quickly you make these necklaces! All the girls will be wearing them soon! What has happened to the youngsters you taught to tat years ago! Have they graduated yet?

    And yes it's been 6 years since the doo-dad craze, which you also started! And it blossomed from there into tatting around jewelry, such as that done by West Pine Creations (the amazing Marie). At the time you weren't putting the hyphen in 'doo-dad', so if you want to see most of your posts, just type 'doodad' in the search bar!

    It's only on certain blogs that I can't comment with Internet Explorer. Yours is fine. But on others I need Chrome. I have Windows 10.

  2. You are so super busy, and yet make such beautiful items!!! :) I am sure the necklaces will all be treasured!! :)

  3. Ooh, lovely necklaces, I do think the girls are lucky. Shame about the commenting, funny how things you've been doing for years suddenly don't work, with no word of explanation or forewarning.

  4. We have an older IMac (which I'm using now) on El Capitan and Macbook Air on High Sierra both are on Safari and work well. Not updated to Mojave, sorry can't be of any help.

  5. Oh my those necklaces! The black one is extra gorgeous! The compass charms really show in the photos.

    Mojave is causing other problems for me (school related but since Feedly upgraded, comments are better for me! Sorry to be of no help!

  6. Beautiful necklaces! I love the red one!

    It has taken me over a week to log in to blogger from my iPad and theI still wasn’t...when I was! Today, I saw I could leave a comment on a friends blog! How did it happen? I have no idea.


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