Tuesday, December 6, 2022

A little bit of this and that

I managed to do just a little bit of everything with my current projects today.

The first thing I did today was go out to the mailbox to pick up yesterday's mail. I was so excited about my tatting class, that I forgot to stop at the mailbox! I was really pleased that my new project bag arrived. Isn't it cute? I love gnomes, and I just couldn't resist this bag. I carried it to school today, and it made me happy!

In it, I carried my current crochet project, another hat. Crochet club met today, and I worked on my hat while the students worked on their crochet. Exia has been watching YouTube videos to learn back stitch single crochet. Caroline has also been watching videos as she practices single crochet. Ester decided she was ready to move from chains to single crochet. Skyler finished a row of single crochet and asked me to teach him double crochet.

Many of the students who are in crochet club weren't able to attend today. The semester is coming to a close, and they had things they needed to work on.

Another button ornament is ready for Christmas gift giving! 

I finished daughter Carol's wrist warmers and delivered them to her today. She requested grey instead of pink. I do take color requests from my daughters, but the high school girls get what they get!

I really thought I'd finish the hot pink mitts today, but I've run out of steam. Maybe I'll finish them tomorrow!


  1. Love your gnome bag! Sounds as though the crochet club members are making good use of videos, good for them.

  2. You certainly were busy yesterday! Made me feel tired just reading about it.

  3. Wow! Lots of things accomplished!!
    Nice bag! :)
    At this rate you will need a break! ;)


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