Sunday, December 4, 2022

Evening blogging

I'm going to try blogging in the evening again. I can keep track of what I've done during the day, and maybe I'll be motivated to make more progress!

I accomplished very little today. I finished one fingerless mitt that I started two days ago, and I tatted part of a button ornament. I honestly don't know what happened with the rest of the day!

Dave spent a lot of time decorating the sun room today, but he's not finished!

I stayed out of his way. Once he's done, I have lots of gnomes to display, and possibly some Santas.

I figured out why my nutcracker picture looked so bad last night... my Ott light was on and it washed out everything. I turned out the light tonight, and they look much better!


  1. Good - something to look forward to reading when I wake up in the morning. Evening blogging for you means a treat for me.

  2. Your home looks gorgeous for Christmas!!!!! :)

    1. And, I would love to see more of your crafts again!!!

    2. Thank you! I will pass the compliments on to Dave!


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