Sunday, December 4, 2022

Still on a break

My break from technology has been so relaxing! I haven't completely given up on technology. I'm just spending less time on devices every day.

There were 15 of us for Thanksgiving.

Everyone pitched in with all of the preparations, making for a wonderful family get-together!

The day after Thanksgiving, Andrea finished the 12 Step Sampler Blanket she had been working on for Alison. If you peek in the background, you can see the one I made for Dave a few years ago.

Some of the kids in crochet club are ready to move on to projects, so I crochet a sample Unisex Beanie to give them inspiration. I really like this pattern, so I think I'll work on some for Christmas next year and add pompoms to the girls' hats.

I'm a little late starting on ornaments for this year. At one of our Tollway Tatters meetings, my friend Denise showed us some 2022 charms that she had purchased. I knew I had purchased some early in the year, so I decided that this year I would tat all the same ornaments with a charm. I think I need to tat two each day between now and Christmas to have all that I want for family!

Dave has started decorating inside the house. I love the way he does the railing! I've added a couple of more gnomes since I took this picture. I do love my gnomes!

The Christmas tree isn't quite done. I need to add my crocheted angel to the top, beaded garland, and Ice Drops. We're still hunting for all our treasures!

The arch between the kitchen and dining room looks done, but I think Dave needs to add some more nutcracker ornaments.

Angels, nutcrackers, and gnomes are popping up everywhere!

The challenge is finding places to display them all!

We're off the decorate the sunroom today. I need to retake my picture of the nutcrackers in the living room window. With any luck, there will be more pictures tomorrow!


  1. It's all looking very Christmassy!!! We just MAY get our artificial tree out and I MAY switch the integral lights on from time to time too!!!

    1. Dave is the motivator here. It's funny, when the kids were little I was the one who was in the mood to decorate. Dave decorates with the hope that they'll come home to see what he's done!

  2. Wow!! Wish Dave could teach Richard to decorate(even a little) ;)
    Everything looks fabulous!!! :)
    How is the tatting class of homeschoolers going??
    How do you have time to do so much???

    1. Haha! Until Richard is ready to take the plunge, it probably won't happen. That was my experience. Time? I'm retired!


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