Monday, February 27, 2023

Busy weekend


This past weekend was very busy, but also very enjoyable. I managed to crochet four hats. I think that's a record for me. This one is for Exia, who wanted to be surprised.

Natalia asked for lavender.

Kennedy asked for light green.

Karolina requested blue. I'm glad that I was able to fulfill their requests!

We had our monthly Tollway Tatters meeting on Zoom Saturday morning. I was able to complete two button ornaments. I meant to get another ornament tatted today, but it didn't happen.

We had quite a rain storm early this morning. Luckily, the storm cleared out and by mid-afternoon we had sunshine and mild temperatures. Mom was able to sit on the porch swing and enjoy watching the traffic go by. The cats also kept her entertained. We're really enjoying the mild weather, but Dave said the climatologist he follows is predicting a colder than normal March. It will be interesting to see if the climatologist is right!


  1. Wow!!!! You sure kept "working"! Great hats and button ornaments!! :)
    That storm has been here all day with tons of rain, and we even had some thunder and lightening for awhile. North of us was a winter mix, and north of that snow. Messy for the truck drivers, but thankfully Richard went south of it and missed it. ;)

  2. Hats galore! We were predicted to have a cyclone last week, but it didn’t happen. Weather forecasts are more accurate than they used to be, but still not always right!

  3. Hats Hats and more Hats, you have been busy, they look great, I dont know about your weather but he right about ours, February was the driest month on record for the UK, and we have snow forecasted for this next week


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