Friday, January 18, 2008

Design inspiration

I was looking for books about snowflakes for the kids at school, when I found this Dover publication, A Treasury of Design for Artists and Craftsmen by Gregory Mirow. To create a tatted motif from one of these designs would certainly be challenging, and it would be beautiful beyond belief! I can imagine some of Marilee's or Sherry's gorgeous hand-dyed threads bringing these designs to life. I may have to sketch out some ideas in my spare time!


  1. You have LOVELY books =)

    Hope your arm's better. Does it hurt badly?

  2. Now here is a book I don't have. I would love to see what's inside!

  3. I just realized I don't have an email address for you. The round robins will get underway by the end of January. I'm hoping to set something up by way of a blog that will allow people to upload their own pictures and make their own comments I might put each robin on a separate blog or all of them on one blog. Preferrably some place where it can run itself so I don't have to nursemaid it. Once they get going well though they kind of self perpetuate so there will probably be a continual round of rounds. So if the broken arm doesn't let you play right now, I'm sure there will be more.

  4. Sounds like you have great ideas "fermenting" while your arm is resting and healing.


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