Thursday, January 17, 2008

True confessions...

Dear Lace-lovin' Librarian blog readers,

I have a confession to make... a secret to reveal... I have a virtual left hand! Sadly, I do not have the strength in my left hand to participate fully in Jane's Tat It And See. In order to keep me in the loop, my dear friend Laura is doing the actual tatting for me. I have been following the directions faithfully, and being forced to READ the directions has really enhanced my understanding of tatting. Yes, Sharon... I am a librarian and should have been reading all along! I guess I'm just an impatient librarian! ; )

I hope no one's mad at me for having a little fun. I promise... I will learn to do the split ring once the cast is off, and I will post real pictures of my progress!


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  2. No one's mad at you for having a little fun, I was just teasing you. I thought it was funny to hear a LIBRARIAN admit that she hadn't READ the instructions. LOL
    One of the things that has forced me to read patterns, is designing and drawing my own patterns. I find I have to carefully concentrate on a drawing and make sure that each step of the way I have given the right information not only for stitch count and direction, but also paying attention to when you need to switch shuttles or take special actions. So I go thhrough the whole process step by step as I draw it, and then I go through it again to add helpful text when I add it into the publication.
    That, in turn, helps me to visualize what is happening when I read someone else's patterns.


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