Sunday, January 27, 2008

Virtual Tatting

Oh, how I wish I could take credit for tatting this darling hippo! Thank goodness, Laura volunteered to be my virtual left hand for Jane's TIAS. Because Laura kept me posted on the progress, I read the patterns faithfully as they appeared. I'm determined to tat this cutie once the cast is off. Doesn't Laura tat beautifully? Thank you my dear friend!

You may wonder why I haven't posted pictures of the progression of this little hippo... I haven't been able to! I'm not sure what the problem is... Blogger, Safari, Mac, operator error. Has anyone else experienced problems? Sometimes I can't post comments to blogs. Technology sure can be frustrating at times!


  1. You are move than welcome. I enjoyed it! Just let me know if your hippo wants to join Dame Margo's little troupe.

  2. Diane,
    I am sorry to hear that you are having technical difficulties.
    If you want to email me I will try to help you...

    How sweet of Laura to tat you a hippo of your own. I have every faith that you will be a tatting queen once your cast is off.

  3. I saw a baseball movie (can't remember the name) where a kid got a broken arm, and after it healed he was such a strong pitcher he played in the major leagues. Anyway, I bet you will be super-strong, too!

  4. Diane the first thing to try when it seems internet stuff it gone weird is to clear your cache in your browser I don't know which you have so I can't talk you through but if you google "how to clear your cache using (your browser)" you'll probably find instructions. I think in IE it's clearing cookies, history, and something else, I don't use it so it's hard for me to remember. Any after to do that you have to completely close down any open browser windows and then reopen them up. It helps a lot of stuff, and if it doesn't help then you can start the search for a problem.
    Hope that helps!

  5. Ahhh, cute little guy -- and such a lovely color!

  6. Melissa, thanks for the tip! I just cleared my cache... I'm not sure yet if it will help with my other problems, but my pages are loading faster!

  7. Uauh, did I understand well, you made it with your mind and right hand together with Laura's left hand? Really phantastique!

  8. Keep heart, Diane. When my right wrist was in a cast for 6 weeks I learned how to hold the shuttle in my fingers without using my thumb. Now that the cast has been off for 4 months my wrist is as good as new and I'm tatting vigorously (as you know from my blog)!


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