Thursday, January 10, 2008

Amazing ideas...

I could kick myself for not realizing the wealth of information in The Complete Book of Tatting by Rebecca Jones! I admit I'm shallow when it comes to books with pretty pictures, and since this book was originally published in 1985, the pictures aren't quite as flashy as some of my more recent purchases! But the information in this book is amazing! I've been reading about several techniques that I would love to try. Do any of you have pictures of ric-rac tatting? I've never cared for ric-rac, but I sure do want to try this one out! I also have to try pearl tatting and tatting with three threads. I know Sherry Pence has tatted with several shuttles, and her pieces are fabulous!

If I could only keep one of my tatting books, I believe this one would be a contender!


  1. I saw a picture of ric-rac tatting the other day on line. I'll have to find it. I have done needle lace with braid and it was fun. I'm glad you are enjoying your books and hope they help keep you occupied.

  2. Ric-rac tatting is also known as Victorian 'sets'. Drop dead easy and gives a straightish chain. Pearl tatting is fiddly unless you 'cheat' by doing wrapped ds's with the second shuttle. I know what I mean!!!!


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